Gum Treatment and Therapy

Keeping your teeth healthy is important, and so is keeping your gums healthy! Gum disease or periodontitis can be incredibly problematic for not just your oral health, but for your total overall health. This condition can lead to many other complications and diseases throughout the body.


What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis is gum disease, and as mentioned above, it can be very serious. The tricky part about periodontitis is that it can be very hard to detect in its early stages. In its beginning and mildest forms, periodontitis is called gingivitis. With gingivitis, the gums are red and bleed easily. When this is untreated, it will progress into periodontitis. As periodontitis progresses, pockets will form between the teeth and gums and become infected. This can eventually destroy your teeth, gums, and bone.

How do I treat gum disease?

The key to treating gum disease successfully is catching it in its early stages. Because it can be painless and hard to detect, it is important to come see a dental professional for regular check-ups. We will look for and treat periodontitis before it progresses into its late and serious stages. Gum disease can often be prevented by good hygiene habits. Brushing and flossing regularly can help keep your mouth safe. When gum disease has progressed, scaling and planing might be necessary to clean out bacteria from inside the pockets of the gums. In extreme cases, surgery might be needed.

How do I know if I have gum disease?

There are many symptoms that can come hand and hand with gum disease. Receding gums and gum lines, loose or sensitive teeth, pain associated with chewing, and red or tender gums are all possible indicators of periodontitis. If you experience any of these symptoms, or simply are finding discomfort in your gums, it is important to see a dental professional ASAP.

Gum disease can be costly and painful when it has the chance to progress into its’ late stages. Come see us regularly to combat this as immediately as possible. At your regular appointments and cleanings, we will look for signs of gum disease. This will allow us to treat the condition before it has a chance to worsen. If you believe you are suffering from gum disease, do not wait. Call us today. The sooner we begin treatment, the better it is for your oral and overall health.