Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked about the benefits and coverage of Medicaid programs. While this is not an all-inclusive guide, it is a good starting point. A call to our office will ensure in-depth answers to every question about services at Beechcroft Dental.

Does Medicaid cover braces?
Medicaid may or may not cover braces. This is decided on a case by case basis, depending on what your dentist recommends, why you need braces, and location. If braces are needed to help with drastic problems in the patient's mouth, they will likely be covered. Braces used for cosmetic reasons, however, will not be covered.

Does Medicaid cover dentures?
Medicaid coverage of dentures also depends on your needs, as determined by your dentist. If dentures are pre-authorized by a governing board, they will be covered.

Does Medicaid cover dental implants?
Because dental implants are considered to be a cosmetic procedure, they are not covered by Medicaid.

Does Medicaid cover dental bridges?
Dental bridges are considered to be cosmetic and are not covered by Medicaid.

Does Medicaid cover tooth extractions?
If they are deemed to be medically necessary, Medicaid will cover tooth extractions. A tooth extraction visit will consist of a $3.00 copay at the time of the visit.

Does Medicaid cover wisdom teeth extractions?
Medicaid will cover wisdom teeth removal in younger patients with a dentist recommendation.

Does Medicaid cover cosmetic dentistry?
In most cases, Medicaid does not cover cosmetic dentistry.

Does Medicaid cover teeth whitening?
Medicaid does not cover teeth whitening, however, this service can still be paid for out of pocket at our office.