Composite Fillings

If you are experiencing advanced tooth decay, you may need a dental filling. A dental filling is a common restorative dental practice that can help preserve a tooth that has been damaged from tooth decay.

Restorative Dentistry

What is a filling?

Tooth decay often eventually develops into a cavity. When you have a cavity, the affected area of the tooth needs to be removed and cleaned out. This area is then replaced with a dental filling. A filling helps to restore the shape and structure of a tooth and can help prevent the need for a tooth extraction. It is important to preserve your natural teeth at all costs. Losing a tooth can wreak havoc on your mouth and overall oral health. It can lead to bacteria and disease where the tooth used to be, deterioration of the jawbone underneath the missing tooth, and the moving and shifting of all the remaining teeth in your mouth. To avoid these problems, it is important to get a filling if a cavity is detected in order to help save your tooth.

Why are composite fillings beneficial?

In the past, dental fillings were made out of an array of different materials such as silver, gold, and even mercury. While these were effective in treating cavities, they were unsightly eyesores for the teeth. In some cases, these fillings bled and left strange tastes and stains within the mouth.

With composite fillings, your tooth will look like its original form. Composite fillings are made to blend in with your existing teeth and have the strength and durability to resist any pressure from biting and chewing. Composite fillings look and function better than any other filling alternatives.

If you need a dental filling, or if you want to get a silver filling replaced for a more subtle, tooth-colored alternative, come see us today.