Wisdom Teeth Extraction: When Do I Need It?

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There are many milestones in the development of your teeth throughout your life. While they could be good, such as getting your adult teeth—or not so good, like your first filling, most people experience the same stages as they grow up.

One of the major changes that occurs in your oral development is the growth of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, begin to appear in most people between the ages of 17 to 21. While some people are able to use the teeth comfortably, many will have to get their wisdom teeth removed for several reasons, like not having enough room in their mouths to accommodate them.

The Science of Wisdom Teeth

While wisdom teeth can seem harmless enough, there is typically not enough space in your mouth to accommodate them. Sometimes, wisdom teeth will grow in partially, meaning only half the tooth is showing. This is called wisdom teeth impaction, and can lead to several health problems including:

  • Infection from bacteria
  • Cavities in nearby teeth
  • Crooked or jammed teeth

When a tooth is partially erupted but not all the way in, it creates pockets where food can become trapped. This food turns into bacteria which causes damage and erosion. While this could lead to cavities in the other teeth, it could also mean more serious issues like bone infections, nerve damage, or serious damage to your gums.

In addition, if you have had orthodontics done in the past, allowing your wisdom teeth to come in could disrupt the alignment of your teeth. Many people choose to have their wisdom teeth removed so those years of dedication aren’t undone.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

If your dentist recommends you get your wisdom teeth removed, they will start the process by deciding whether it should be done in their office or with an oral surgeon. This is because wisdom tooth extraction can vary in how they’re removed, and some dentists don’t perform the full procedure in office.

Beechcroft Dental is happy to offer full wisdom tooth extraction in their office if the wisdom teeth are erupted. If you are unsure if they are erupted or whether you need them removed, still come to us to we can complete an examination and determine the best course of action – whether that is extraction or referring to the appropriate oral surgeon.

Wisdom Teeth and Medicare

Unlike certain procedures, wisdom teeth extraction is a medical necessity and not a cosmetic one. Therefore, it is covered by Medicare. The danger to your mouth due to partially erupted teeth is too great to ignore. If your dentist sees that you have erupted wisdom teeth that need extracted, Medicare will cover the process with appropriate co-pays.

Wisdom teeth are something that many people ignore, assuming it’s not covered or will be too costly of a procedure. And while discomfort from wisdom teeth may not be considered an emergency in the same way a broken tooth or oral trauma is, wisdom tooth issues can create health problems you can’t ignore.

If you have been experiencing pain the back of your mouth, or have recently gotten an oral infection, your wisdom teeth might be to blame. Contact us today at Beechcroft Dental to find out whether you need wisdom teeth extraction and schedule an appointment today to find out more.

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