Diet After Tooth Extraction

At Beechcroft Dental, our experienced professionals are ready to help patients with a variety of dental situations like Wisdom Teeth Removals and Emergency Extractions. With those kinds of procedures, aftercare such as the right diet can be just as important as the extraction itself. That’s why we want to help educate our patients and prepare them for any situation during recovery. We understand that the right education and care can help prevent expensive fixes or other procedures which is especially important to our patients with juice

One of the realities when it comes to serious dental work is a restricted diet for a few days after. Both for the safety of your mouth and your comfort, your dentist will recommend certain foods and textures you should stick to for the duration of your recovery. While most people understand the obvious things to avoid like hard candies or peanuts, they don’t know that a lot of chewy foods can pose problems as well. This list of safe foods and snacks will help you get through your recovery safely, quickly and deliciously.

  • Soups and Broths – Soups and broths are a natural answer for people who have had one or more teeth extracted. The liquid texture poses no stress to the teeth and can even help meet your increased water and hydration requirements after a procedure. Just watch out for hot temperatures which can damage the wound and prolong healing!
  • Yogurt and Applesauce – These foods are a fantastic way to either have a snack during the day or make a full meal like breakfast happen when you’re not able to chew certain foods. Both can be combined with other times and served at cooler/room temperatures while keeping your mouth safe. As a bonus, the high protein content in greek yogurt is a great way to feel full and accelerate healing.
  • Mashed Vegetables – Potatoes are a great staple food all of the time but mashed potatoes can be a blessing when your mouth is healing. Other mashed veggies like carrots, squash, cauliflower or broccoli is the best way to get your recommended servings of veggies in a day.
  • Salmon – Salmon is not only a healthy food but it is also the easiest meat to eat after dental surgery. The soft but still chewy texture of well-cooked salmon can be a great way to satisfy protein cravings.
  • Ice Cream or Jello – While we always recommend watching your sugar intake to avoid cavities, we know a little cold ice cream can be very soothing for the mouth. Another alternative that is great for children or adults is jello which can be made in reduced sugar varieties and is a great dessert.
  • Smoothies (No Milkshakes!) – Smoothies are a great way to combine a lot of foods into an easy to consume form. They can help provide protein, servings of fruits and veggies and can be a delicious snack or meal-replacement. However, patients are frequently warned not to use straws or suck up foods in any way after an extraction. That’s why milkshakes are a no go! Smoothies must be consumed in easy to drink, fully liquid form.

Honorable Mention: Foods to Avoid!

It is crucial to avoid foods that are hard, excessively chewy or irritating to your mouth after a procedure. Stay away from spicy food, extremely hot food or hard food entirely. Avoid using straws and don’t even think about chewing gum.

At the end of the day, your dentist is the best qualified person to know what you can and can’t do before, during and after a dental procedure like surgery or extraction. If you have to get your wisdom teeth removed or get something extracted, your dentist and your care team will walk you through all the rules that you must follow for recovery. If you have questions about extractions and diet and are a Medicaid user, contact us today at Beechcroft Dental!

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